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Teeth autotransplantation

Tooth autotransplantation is a unique method, which in some cases may be the alternative to dental implantation.

Not every dentist performs autotransplantation of tooth. In our dental center we  offer you this treatment method. We have been successfully performing teeth autotransplantations for more than 10 years.

During the procedure, patient´s extracted tooth is placed into the area of the missing tooth. We mostly transplant wisdom into a tooth socket after extracting molars that cannot be saved. Other teeth can also be transplanted. For example we can transplant premolars instead of upper central incisors in case of trauma of these teeth. It can also be applied in children.

The benefits of this method are:

  • perfect functional result and feeling of chewing on your own tooth
  • treatment is less costly than implantation
  • the gum quickly heals to the transplanted tooth and ensures a great aesthetic result
  • transplanted tooth grows simultaneously with the jaw bone of the patient; it is very important in children patients
  • as any other procedure here in Premium Dental Care, teeth transplantation is absolutely painless

Modern technologies

We use modern technologies to make teeth transplantation more precise and successful procedure. Based on CBCT scan (3D X-ray) we analyze the area of missing tooth, shape of the tooth to be transplanted and manufacture its model using.


Different cases of teeth autotransplantations

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