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Smile Design

Everyone would like to have perfect smile. Let us make this dream come true!


Harmony is one of  key factors of attractive smile. The shape and size of teeth should correspond to the shape of face, gums should be healthy and their margins should be symmetrical.

Not everyone has theese conditions. But you do not have to despair. We can create a smile that will enchant not only you, but also people around you!



We always do our best for patient´s needs and demands. We spend as much time for our patient as needed.

Accurate planning is very important for good treatment result. We always start with making photographs of the patient. An integral part of this stage is wax-up and mock-up. Wax up is a wax modeling of the ideal shape and position of teeth on the model. The term mock-up is used for temporary applying composite material on teeth surface without any preparing. You will see exactly how your smile will look like and whether this new shape and position of teeth will suit you. And everything without any irreparable teeth processing.

More complex cases may require interdisciplinary collaboration between our specialists to achieve the best results. For example, surgical correction of gums,  augmentation of bone and soft tissues, dental implantation etc.



Why choose us?

  • We successfully perform different aesthetic reconstructions of the dentition, even complex ones.
  • You can find almost everything in our clinic. Our specialists perform dental surgical, prosthetic, conservative procedures,
  • We work with the top dental lab, most of the work is done under a microscope, that guarantees high precision.
  • In our gallery you will never find two identical smiles, each one is unique and reflects your individuality.

Come with us to the smile of your dreams!

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