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Dental Hygiene

Thorough dental hygiene is the basis of dental health

We always pay as much attention and time to our patients as they need. During dental hygiene tooth calculus and pigmentation are removed from the tooth surface with ultrasonic scaler and air-flow. We want you to feel comfortable and we offer local anesthesia for patients with hypersensitive teeth. Depending on your individual needs we will chose right toothbrush and products for interdental hygiene, show you the right brushing technique. Everything takes place in discreet ambience.

For air-flow procedure we use powder of the brand Kavo (Germany) with the round particles which have size of just 60 – 70 µm. Due to this, it is much gentler on the surface of the tooth compared to more abrasive powder. This minimizes the risk of increased tooth pigmentation after dental hygiene. At the end of the procedure we always polish the surface of teeth and give detailed instructions to the patient. Since we also specialize in complex cases, we know how to properly perform dental hygiene in patients with implants without the risk of damage of sensitive suprastructure surfaces that contact soft tissues. We also provide treatment of the patients with periodontitis.

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