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Dental Surgery

In our clinic you will see that you should not worry even about dental surgery

Our dental center specializes in dental surgical procedures.

Tooth extraction

We always do our best to perform tooth extraction painlessly and miniinvasively for surrounding tissues and tooth socket walls. In particular cases after the tooth extraction we put collagen sponge of world known biomaterial brand Botiss (Germany), it stops bleeding and improves healing.
As one of the few workplaces we also offer tooth extraction using Piezotome. This device works ultrasonically, is very gentle for dental socket walls, does not damage surrounding soft tissues.In our department we perform various complex extractions, including some very complex extraction of impacted (impacted or semi-retained) teeth – always painlessly, with all principles of asepsis (sterility), using quality equipment, instruments, with a minimum duration of procedure.


Periapical surgery

During this procedure after local anesthesia application the tip of root with the cyst is removed. This procedure is performed in our center microsurgically using optical magnification through a modified miniinvasive approach, which is more gentle compared to the classical method, which makes postoperative difficulties less and healing is faster.

Treatment of cysts of jaws

It is treatment of pathologic cavity in upper or lower jaw. The procedure is usually done in local anesthesia. The cystic sac is after removal sent to a hystological examination. Bigger cysts may require treatment at the Department of Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery.

Odontogenic inflammation

At our clinic we treat abscesses, the extent of which does not require patient hospitalization. In more serious situation, the patient should be treated at the Department of Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery.

Dental trauma

We perform examinations and treatments of trauma of teeth, splinting, replantation (the procedure during which the avulsed tooth is re-insert into the tooth socket and splinted to surrounding teeth).

We cooperate with orthodontists and perform various dental surgical procedures in orthodontic treatment. Tunnelisation – the procedure that is performed under local anesthesia during whichan impacted tooth (usually a canine) is uncovered and the orthodontic brace is subsequently fixed. This allows orthodontic movement of the impacted tooth to the dentition. Corticotomy – the procedure that is performed to accelerate the orthodontic movement of teeth, we perform it miniinvasively using the Piezotum ultrasonic device.

Mucogingival and periodontal plastic surgery

In our clinic we perform removal and plastics of frenulums of upper and lower lip, tongue, deepening of the vestibule, gingival recessions coverage – See Microsurgical closure of gingival recessions. All interventions are done painlessnessly, with optical magnification – quality binocular loupes with work area lighting of world known Italian brand Univet, miniinvasively for surrounding tissues, we try to minimize the duration of the procedure and postoperative difficulties.

We perform the removal of benign neoplasms in the oral cavity – fibromas, papillomas, retention cysts of small salivary glands.

We always do our best for painless, miniinvasive treatment with all the principles of asepse-antisepsis (sterility) with the highest quality equipment and materials.

In our clinic you can be sure that you do not have to worry even about the surgical procedure.

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