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Augmentation of Bone and Soft Tissues

Augmentation of bone and soft tissues

In order to ensure a great long-term result of implant treatment, it is essential to have adequate width and height of the bone at the site of the planned implantation, as well as healthy and thick enough soft tissues (gums).

Technically, the implant can also be inserted into a narrow bone area, but over time this thin bone wall will absorb. It may result in inflammation, bone loss around the implant, worsening of the aesthetic result and even in implant failure.

How can such complications be avoided?

First of all, we always perform implantation only after thorough planning according to 3D X-ray of jaws - CBCT, where we can measure parameters such as width, height, and density of bone. Based on this, we select the most appropriate type, diameter and length of the implant.

If atrophy has already occurred and the initial bone conditions are not sufficient for implantation, you do not have to despair. The so-called augmentation (addition) of the bone is performed. It is a painless procedure that, like implantation, is usually done in local anesthesia, and during which the doctor will "add" the bone that is necessary for the long-term outcome of the implant treatment.

Methods of augmentation are different, from so-called guided bone regeneration (using special materials and collagene the membranes) to bone augmentation using bone blocks and sinus lift - methods to restore conditions for implantation even for patients with severe atrophy of the jaw bones.

Why choose us?

  • we perform different complexity implantations - from single implants in ideal conditions to complicated augmentations and multiple implants in edentulous patients
  • we guarantee a high level of sterility (asepse) during all procedures
  • we guarantee complete painlessness of all the procedures, including anesthesia
  • we use the implants of the Swiss brand Straumann - this system offers a wide range of implants for all situations, more than 40 years of experience in implantology. You will get an excellent long-term result at an affordable price
  • one of the best manufacturers of augmentation materials - Botiss (Germany) and Geistlich (Switzerland) - well tolerated, good healing, high purity materials, sterility
  • quality equipment - the latest generation of implant motor with work area lighting of world-known brand W&H (Austria)
  • we use Piezotome - an ultrasonic device that is very gentle, precise and does not damage soft tissues, effectively cools the operating area with sterile saline, does not overheat the bone
  • we use the magnifying optics of the world-known brand Univet (Italy)
  • guided implantation - the most precise method of implantation
  • we try to make all the interventions miniinvasively, to minimise the postoperative difficulties
  • experienced implantologist who will choose the best option for you

See the results of our work

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