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Aesthetic Fillings

We do our best so the treatment is painless and minimally invasive for healthy tooth structures

Caries treatment is one of the most common procedures in dental office. Depending on tooth destruction rate treatment methods may differ accordingly.
In case of initial caries (stain) when the cavity has not occurred yet, only tooth remineralization should be done. It means calcium and fluoride agents are applied on the tooth surface. It increases tooth resistance to organic acids and stops further caries penetration. Teeth remineralization is also used in children treatment as a preventive method before first caries decay occurs. It is safe and painless.

Caries cavity formation may cause tooth pain when eating (for example sweet meal). In this case tooth decay should be removed and aesthetic filling that is completely similar to patient’s tooth is done. We always do our best so the treatment is absolutely painless, comfortable for you and minimally invasive for healthy tooth structures. To achieve the best results we use optical magnification – microscope or binocular loupes. Special solution that marks decayed tooth structures – caries detector – is used. It helps us to save healthy tooth structure. We use only quality materials which guarantee long-term stable result.

When the decay is extensive and weakens tooth walls, ceramic inlay or onlay may be used to restore the tooth. It is fabricated in dental laboratory from dental porcelain, has the same color and transparancy as patient’s tooth. The great advantage of this method is that there is no need for tooth preparation for crown. After fabrication and try-in ceramic onlay is then adhesively cemented on the tooth. Due to that very strong connection between the tooth and onlay is established. It will not drop off and even makes the weakened tooth stronger.
Long-term results using ceramic inlays and onlays are perfect. Even after years color, transparency, shape, aesthetics and function of ceramics will be preserved.

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