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Ceramic Veneers, Crowns

Do you dream about beautiful smile? Let us make your dreams come true!

Majority of aesthetic defects can be restored with ceramic veneers.

Ceramic veneer is a very thin (approx. 0,3 mm) ceramic lamella made of dental porcelain. It can changes shape, color of the tooth, close gaps between teeth (diastema), hide stains on the tooth surface because of hypoplasia, hypomineralization etc.

Restoring dentition with ceramic veneers requieres experience, high level skill and team cooperation between the dentist and dental technician.

Our dentists have have great experience and perfect outcomes with ceramic veneers and have a lot of positive feedback from our happy patients.

We always start with thorough planning which includes patient’s photography and fabricating so-called wax-up and mock-up. Wax up is modelling of an ideal tooth shape using wax on a stone model. Using mock-up we can transfer this ideal shape with resin materials onto patient’s teeth without any irreparable teeth preparation. So you can not only imagine but actually see, how your smile is going to look like and if it fits you. The advantage is that everything is done without any intervention to your teeth.

We always try to do our work as miniinvasive as possible. That is why we prefer ultra thin ceramic veneers (approx.  0,3 mm) without any agressive tooth preparation. Such ceramic veneers are very aesthetic due to the same color and transparency as patient’s teeth.

This procedure is done under local anesthesia and it is absolutely painless. Our doctors use optical magnification – microscope or binocular loupes. Immediately after teeth preparing, temporary veneers are fabricated for the time required to make ceramic veneers in the dental laboratory (usually 1 week) that accurately replicate the shape and position of the wax-up teeth, protect the teeth and allow the gum to be formed in right way for the best aesthetic result. That means you leave the dental office with a nice smile.

Dental technician makes ceramic veneers which are then checked on patient´s teeth and only after one is completely satisfied with aesthetic outcome, they are adhesively bonded (fixed). This type of fixation provides very strong connection between the tooth and veneer and stable result.

In case of greater tooth destruction when neither filling, nor ceramic onlay or veneer can be made, but root is stable, root canals are properly treated, we can save this tooth by making ceramic crown. Aesthetic and functional result will be very nice.

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