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Endodontic treatment consists of mechanical treatment, irrigation and subsequent filling of root canal system

One of the reason of toothache is inflamation of dental pulp tissue (pulpitis) or its complication – periodontitis- when inflammatory process spreads to the tissues surrounding tooth. It may occur in the case of untreated tooth caries, aggressive tooth preparation for crown, trauma etc.

To save such tooth endodontic treatmant should be done. It consists of mechanical treatment, rinsing and subsequent filling of root canal system.


In our dental clinic we always start with thorough examination. Starting with intraoral X-ray which helps us to find out causal tooth, anatomy of its roots, number of root canals.

It is essential for us that you do not feel any pain, that is way the next step is application of local anesthesia, our doctors perform it completely painlessly. After that the tooth is isolated with rubberdam to protect surrounding tissues and keep working area dry. Mechanical treatment of root canals is then performed with optical magnificationmicroscope or binocular loupes and using endodontic motor of the last generation Reciproc Gold (Germany). This computer assisted device has built-in apexlocator which measures working length of root canal during treatment. This makes treatment more precise, reduces duration of procedure and dentist always knows what part of the root canal is working in.

We use flexible nickel-titanium alloy instruments which ensure efficient treatment of curved root canals and have lower rate of fracture.

After thorough rinsing root canal system is then filled. In our clinic we use device for 3-D obturation with warm guttapercha.

Depending on the degree of tooth destruction in the next visit aesthetic filling, ceramic onlay or ceramic crown is done. Vitality of teeth treated using this method is same as healthy teeth.

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