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Children’s Dentistry

The health of deciduous teeth is as important as that of permanent teeth

Untreated child's teeth are often the cause of later complications and malocclusion. Therefore, early check-up and treatment of the child's tooth is so important.

Very often fear of dentists originates from childhood. We do our best that your kid is not afraid of dentists.
We will teach your child to properly brush his teeth .

We emphasize early prevention of tooth caries and its complications. Right after eruption teeth are not resistant to organic acids in mouth. That is why teeth remineralization is such important. This method is completely painless. Calcium and fluoride agents are applied on the tooth surface which becomes more resistant to acids in mouth. One of very efficient tooth decay preventive methods  is sealing of fissures (grooves) of teeth. It consists in applying special sealant to the teeth grooves that prevents occurring of decay.

As filling materials glass-ionomer cements are often used, these materials release flourides and mineralize tooth structures.

We create all conditions so that your child feels safe and is not afraid of dentist. Moreover, after the treatment he will receive special gift 🙂

It sounds incredibly but your child will be looking forward to visiting our clinic again!

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