Investing in health is really a reasonable investment

For our patients, we choose only the best – quality materials and the latest generation equipment from world famous manufacturers. Still, we maintain affordable prices so that more people can afford quality dental treatment.

Below are the prices of basic dental procedures. During the initial examination or consultation, our doctors will prepare a detailed treatment plan including the treatment fee. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions.

We also offer the possibility of gradual payment of the payment on installments.



free of charge

Initial examination (incl. OPG, treatment plan and cost of treatment calculating)

1150 Kč

Consultation (30 min.)

600 Kč

Aesthetic fotocomposite filling of the nanocomposite material

from 1250 Kč

Root canal treatment (incl. cleaning with special motor and 3D root canal filling/1 root canal)

from 1650 Kč


250 Kč

Ceramic inlay/onlay (incl. preparation, teeth impressions and cementation)

6950 Kč

Ceramic veneer (incl. preparation, teeth impressions and cementation)

8400 Kč

All-ceramic crown (incl. preparation, teeth impressions and cementation)

8400 Kč

Metal-ceramic crown (incl. preparation, teeth impressions and cementation)

6000 Kč

All-ceramic crown on dental implant


Tooth extraction

from 1200 Kč

Tooth autotransplantation

from 11000 Kč

Dental implant Straumann (Switzerland)

from 17000 Kč

Bone augmentation (incl. biomaterial - Botiss (Germany) or Geistlich (Switzerland)

from 7000 Kč

Vestibular deepening (3-4 teeth region)

from 2200 Kč

Microsurgical coverage of gingival recessions (up to 3 teeth)

from 2500 Kč

Glass-ionomer cement filling of a deciduous tooth

550 Kč

Fotocomposite filling of deciduous tooth

650 Kč

Initial professional dental hygiene

1450 Kč

Repeated dental hygiene within 4-6 months

880 Kč

Teeth whitening (1 jaw)

from 2350 Kč